Company Overview

Winding Road

At UWS, we believe that smart waste management solutions are essential to solving the world’s growing waste problem and that our Waste-to-Energy technology will meet the increasing demand for  renewable energy. We also believe that it will yield significant profits.

In the short term we are seeking to consolidate our position in the market for renewable energy fuels, and in the long term, we are aiming to build a significant portfolio of Waste-to-Energy sites across the UK to ensure continuous growth.

We believe that our strong business strategy and innovative technology positions allow us to benefit from an exciting industry environment and growing demand for renewable fuels. The Directors are of an opinion that with timely investments, we can continue to grow individually, and achieve our ambition of becoming a global producer of sustainable renewable fuels sourced from waste – and a leader in the green energy revolution.

“Demand for renewable fuels hugely outstrips supply. We are aiming to not only close this gap, but also to decisively contribute to solving the growing waste crisis that threatens our way of life. We know it will be hugely rewarding – both ethically and financially – and we’re looking forward to  working with our investors on this journey”.